Tope Maggie, Ogbomoso-Based Chef, Set To Dethrone Irish Chef, Alan Fisher As He Begins 200-hour cook-a-thon

November 10th, 2023
Tope Maggie, Ogbomoso-based Chef, set to dethrone Irish chef, Alan Fisher as he begins 200-hour cook-a-thon

Tope Maggie, a Nigerian chef from Ogbomoso, is attempting to beat Irish chef Alan Fisher’s 200-hour cooking marathon.

Alan Fisher’s recent Guinness World Records triumph, in which he surpassed Nigerian chef Hilda Baci as the longest cooking record holder, inspired this challenge.

Alan Fisher has been named the new record holder for the longest cooking marathon (individual), having completed it in 119 hours and 57 minutes.

This broke the previous record set by Hilda Baci, a Nigerian cook.

Fisher also set the record for the longest baking marathon (individual) with a time of 47 hours and 21 minutes, beating Wendy Sandner of the United States.

Now, only days after Alan Fisher’s record-breaking effort, Tope Maggie is preparing to cook for 200 hours, attempting to beat Fisher’s 119 hours and 57 minutes.

The culinary rivalry between Nigerian chefs continues as they strive for culinary greatness on the global stage.

Watch the video below: