Personal Drama Unfolds as Israel DMW’s Friend Criticizes His Estranged Wife, Sheila

November 28th, 2023

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Jessica Amafe, a friend of Davido’s logistics manager, Israel Afeare popularly known as Israel DMW has lambasted his estranged wife, Sheila.

In a social media post, Jessica warned men to be wary of broke girls.

Sharing a photo of herself with Israel in London, she claims that Israel had peace before he got married to Sheila.

She also took a dig at Sheila being a virgin before marriage, saying that some road girls are better than some ‘holy holy’ and virginity is not a guarantee for successful marriage.

Jessica went on to slam Sheila for accepting Israel’s proposal knowing fully well that their lifestyles are poles apart.

“Israel is my friend, he is very down to earth and loyal person. He may have his flaws no doubt but he did his best! I know Isreal and know some things that happened,” she wrote.

“He was almost depressed and if this is the best way for him to vent his anger and move on with his life, I stand with him. His estranged madam was busy cruising up and down, the young man was down.

“He had peace before he got married, and peace departed after marriage. Which wife tells husband to lodge her in a hotel since he is travelling for business meeting outside their state?

“How many of you men want to be the woman in the house while your wife become the man? Isreal doesn’t want to do business this bla bla bla, cut the crabs

“You know his nature of job yet you accepted his PROPOSAL AND SAID YES TO HIM, suddenly you dislike his life style. Did he ever tell you he was working in an oil company?

“Do not tell me pressure pushed you into marriage because you are only 21. If you are dating anyone and you do not like their lifestyle QUIT FAST, do not marry anyone thinking you can change them, what you cannot change you learn to live with it.

“There are better ways to talk to a man to make him see reasons with you, Isreal married you not your mother and family.

“In all, avoid broke girls and avoid broke guys. Been a virgin is not a guarantee for successful marriage, some Ihama road girls better pass some holy holy. Na we wey de talk our own come out na be bad person! I am allergic to poor boys, go and call police. ”


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