Pastor’s Unusual Act: Locked In Lion’s Cage To Prove Divine Protection (Video)

October 10th, 2023

A pastor has left tongues wagging on social media after locking himself inside a lion’s cage with two growing lions.

He said the act is to show to his congregation that he has divine protection.

It was gathered that the man of God took his church members to the venue to witness the ‘miracle’ and show that God is with him like in the biblical story of Daniel, who was saved by the beasts by God himself.

The clip shows the so-called pastor, seen wearing a bright blue suit, stroking the growling lions in their enclosure.

See reactions:

The MP said: “I volunteer to take him to the Maasai Mara please, all expenses paid. We look for the lions and he can go walk with them.”

One local agreed and commented: “I challenge him to do that at Maasai Mara!”

Another said: “Those are not lions, they are lion cubs. Big difference.”

Someone else wrote: “Oh Yeah! Lemme bring my dog and lock him up with it for one minute.”

Another local suggested: “He went in just after they were fed.”

Erik remarked: “Why are the growls added over the natural soundtrack?”

Bill commented: “They should have taken him to the wild lions at the Kenyan park, those lions were given drugs.”

According to a report by The BBC, the man may not be a church leader. But rather, a zookeeper who has been working at a park in Somalia.


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