My Wife Is Like My Sister – Married Man Tells Lady As He Tries To Convince Her To Be His Sidechic

November 3rd, 2023

A lady has exposed her chat with a married man begging her to be his sidechic.

In the chat, the unfaithful man was seen talking about his wife.

He revealed that his wife is like a sister to him.

He gave the lady the reason as to why she should accept his proposal.

Netizens reacted:

unclemide said: “Not justifying the excesses of the married men in question, but how about also showing us the continuation of the chat? If she probably billed him for a 30 inches SSD raw ocean waves wig or linked up with him few months later at Blackbell? I come in peace.”

jennifer_diares said: “Omo I use to wonder why most girls prefer married me until I unknowingly entered talking stage with one… they will say/do anything to get some sugar”

ediye.astar wrote: “Their favourite line, I will soon divorce her for you & — Make God just Dey help us oh”

_redvigor said: “I fear who no fear married men”

See the chat below: