Journalist Claims: ‘Davido Set To Refund At Least Half Of The Money To Abu Salami’

October 26th, 2023

Nigerian Afrobeats superstar Davido and his legal team have reportedly agreed to pay at least half of the money owing to Abu Salami, a businessman who claimed he paid the singer N218 million for a project involving children.

This revelation was made public by an unidentified journalist who published the news on social media.

The feud began when Abu Salami, also known as Abusalami on Instagram, accused Davido of breaking their agreement and failing to complete his half of the project despite receiving a substantial payment.

According to Abu Salami, he entrusted Davido with N218 million as part of a N326 million project aimed at improving the lives of children.

The ambitious endeavor entailed flying to twenty different states with an eleven-person production crew in search of young and talented football players who would only benefit youngsters.

However, the initiative apparently failed, prompting Abusalami to demand a refund of his investment and accuse Davido of harassment via his legal agents.

In a recent social media post, a Twitter blogger revealed that an agreement has been struck between Abu Salami and Davido, dictating that at least half of the N218 million will be refunded to Abu Salami after the proper paperwork is completed.

The post reads;

“Just as @PIDOMNIGERIA had advised, I am happy to announce to you all that in the past few hours there have been some positive backdoor channel negotiations/settlement arrangements between Abu Salami and Davido’s camp.”

“A friend of both parties is mediating for a peaceful resolution to this issue. Abu will be refunded at least half of his money back by Davido after some paperwork. Hoping for closure before the day runs out.”

“They are all friends, fighting and disagreement are part of friendship, according to the mediator. Remember
@PIDOMNIGERIA is the first to break this news. Put on my notification I will keep you guys posted.”

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