I’m Romantic But I Control Myself When It Comes To Love – Actress, Tracy Edwin Speaks

February 11th, 2024

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She’s also blessed with a tall physique that many men would naturally find attractive. But rather than admire and make advances at her, many men appear intimidated by her height. She is 6 ft plus.

Actress, Okechukwu Chidimma Tracy, who is popularly known as Tracy Edwin, possesses an attractive figure with well-defined curves in all the right places.

She’s also blessed with a tall physique that many men would naturally find attractive. But rather than admire and make advances at her, many men appear intimidated by her height. She is 6 ft plus.

According to her, “men accuse me of being a snob but I am not.” In an interview with Saturday Vanguard after she was unveiled last Monday as one of the new SSA to the President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Chief Emeka Rollas on Gender Equality, Tracy Edwin shares her experience with men and why she decided to quit acting for six years before staging a comeback in 2009.


AGN president, Chief Emeka Rollas has unveiled you as SSA on Gender Equality, how do you intend to go about your new responsibility?

This is an area I am very conversant with. And I love the fact that it’s coming from AGN. In our society, especially in Nollywood, when it comes to crew members it’s usually like the male professionals are getting more opportunities than their female counterparts. The female professionals can do such jobs as directing, DOP among others. I think it’s high time we start to give the womenfolk the opportunity to showcase the stuff they are made of. I actually have platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, where I can give a voice to the women. I can start with my movie productions, where I will give women the chance to prove themselves and earn equal fees with their male counterparts.

From your perspective, do you think women are being marginalized in Nollywood?

I don’t think so because it depends on the height you have attained in the industry. There’s no same case for everybody just as it’s in other sectors, including the banking sector.

But being a woman, how do you cope working with your male counterparts on set?

I have this personality that if you see me you will want to respect me. This is because I respect myself, so I wouldn’t want to give any man the opportunity to disrespect me. I respect everybody irrespective of who you are. First and foremost., I try to master my script very well to avoid being disrespected.

How do you intend to celebrate the forthcoming Valentine Day on February 14?

I will be working on that day. I am not married, I’m still single. So, I am going to be on set on that day.

I usually have distant relationships. Unless I have to travel abroad to rest but this year, I have work to do.

How do you describe yourself?

I am a very disciplined and straightforward person, I am also a hardworking woman.

Are you romantic?

In a way, I am. But I still control myself when it comes to love.

You began your acting career in 2009, what were the challenges you faced during the early stage of your career?

When I started acting, I was favoured because I had what it takes to excel in the industry. But I wasn’t taking Nollywood seriously then because I had people around me who were helping and doing things for me. And due to relationships and family pressure, I left the industry and returned after six years.

Did you experience any sexual harassment during your early days in the industry because of all your endowments?

I didn’t experience anything like that. This is because I wasn’t into acting properly, the producers were the ones asking me to do it. They would say, ‘who’s this plumpy fine girl?’ They needed me but I wasn’t available for them. They were calling me for jobs, but I kept rejecting them because I was still in the university then.

You talked about leaving Nollywood because of your family and relationship, what actually happened?

There was this guy that my family wanted me to get involved with and they didn’t want me to go into acting. So, I had to quit acting. My dad was no more and my sister was the one training me in the university then. So, I tried to see if I could cope with the situation, but I couldn’t. That was why I returned to the industry after six years.

At what point did you think you had found your feet in Nollywood?

I am still growing in the industry. I see myself going international. Nollywood is an industry that is very personal to me. When they give me roles in movies, I get excited acting is something I feel so happy doing. But I won’t act nude in movies.

With your intimidating height and endowments, what has been your experience with men. Do they develop the confidence to make advances at you?

At first, they would pretend as if they don’t like me. But ironically, they actually like me and before you knew what was happening, they would start coming closer to me. They use this attitude to draw my attention to them. They always say ‘I don’t like her because she’s a snub. But I am not, I don’t snub people.

Source: Vanguard


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