Ed Sheeran “Autumn Variations” (Album Review)

October 4th, 2023

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Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, known for his pop music prowess, has released his seventh album titled “Autumn Variations.” This album marks several milestones in his career, including being the first single released under his own Gingerbread Man Records label. Drawing inspiration from the 19th-century composer Elgar, each of the 14 tracks on this album reflects a different facet of Sheeran’s life.

Collaborating with Aaron Dessner of the National, Sheeran takes a primarily acoustic approach in this album, a departure from his previous works. “Autumn Variations” offers an array of content for fans to delve into. While it may not be an instant earworm, Sheeran’s willingness to experiment creatively is commendable, and his partnership with Dessner shines through in their collaboration.

Album Cover Art:

Ed Sheeran – Autumn Variations (Album)

The album cover showcases meticulous thought, depicting various aspects of Ed’s personal life, including those usually kept private. This vulnerability also extends to the curation of each song on the album.

Tracks and Features:
The album opens with “Magical,” a gentle, finger-picked guitar accompanied by Sheeran’s almost whispered vocals. The song gained popularity when Sheeran performed it at a Las Vegas wedding, making it poignant despite its unconventional debut. “England” serves as a tribute to Sheeran’s homeland and its communities, characterized by subtle instrumentation and a faint percussion pulse.

Tracks like “Amazing” are anthemic sing-alongs with an upbeat tempo, seemingly crafted for live performances. Sheeran wrote songs from the perspectives of his friends, aiming to capture their emotions, resulting in a diverse range of feelings from joy to melancholy and introspection.

Plastic Bag” starts slowly but finds its rhythm in the chorus, offering an uplifting melody accompanied by a rhythmic yet understated loop. Conversely, “Blue” takes on a somber tone. “American Town” carries Sheeran’s lyrical style but maintains an upbeat vibe. This theme continues in “That’s On Me,” which addresses stress and mental health.

While “Page” transitions from meditation to energetic Americana, the absence of Sheeran’s signature wordplay in some songs, like “Spring” and “Punchline,” is notable.

On “When Will I Be Alright,” Sheeran delves into despair and mental health, delivering a masterful performance with a sad violin and acoustic guitar accompaniment. “The Day I Was Born” and “Head > Heels” are piano-driven ballads, concluding the album. The former reflects a friend’s overlooked birthday, overshadowed by other holidays.

Ed Sheeran – Autumn Variations (Album) Tracklist:

  1. Magical
  2. England
  3. Amazing
  4. Plastic Bag
  5. Blue
  6. American Town
  7. That’s On Me
  8. Page
  9. Midnight
  10. Spring
  11. Punchline
  12. When Will I Be Alright
  13. The Day I Was Born
  14. Head > Heels
  15. Autumn Variations – Trailer

Album Theme:
“Autumn Variations” delves into Ed Sheeran’s relationships, offering an honest portrayal of adult sadness.

Production Credits:
The album was produced by Aaron Dessner and Bryce Dessner.

Autumn Variations” is an album that showcases Sheeran’s willingness to experiment and explore new musical territories while maintaining the emotional depth he’s known for. It’s an album that invites listeners to explore its intricacies and themes, making it a compelling addition to Sheeran’s discography.



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