Davido Responds To Phyna’s Accusation: ‘I Actually Don’t Know Who You Are’

October 18th, 2023

In the latest development in their ongoing drama, Davido responded to Phyna’s recent message. He began by thanking Phyna for her congratulatory messages on the birth of his new twins.

However, Davido’s response took an unexpected turn as he admitted that he has no knowledge of who Phyna is. He explained that liking her tweet was simply an honest mistake.

This revelation implies that Davido and Phyna do not have a personal relationship, and their social media interactions were unintentional on Davido’s part.

Remember that Crockvibes reported that reality star Phyna had replied to Davido’s liking of abusive tweets about her.

In response to the escalating situation, Phyna had taken to her Twitter account to share her thoughts on the matter. She began by expressing her confusion about Davido’s actions, mentioning that she was uncertain about why she had attracted such negative attention from him.

In an unexpected twist, Phyna also extended congratulations to him and Chioma for becoming parents to twins.

Some Netizens Reactions:

Naxibella: 22Phyna, this is a painful way to trend. Are you here? Not everything they talk is about you; you’re not Wizkid.

kellygohard01: Davido probably liked the post by mistake.

blckfineboy: He said, “I don’t know who you are. My idol doesn’t care.”

pyramidvalley__: David, leave that clown, please.

steadyykush: This clout chaser claims he doesn’t know who the girl is, but he replied to her tweet immediately. This guy is a professional clout chaser.

huk ler: This is why Wizkid is better. He wouldn’t even pretend to have heard anything. Who are you to give her relevance?