Blaqbonez Explains Why He Doesn’t Prefer Women Who Tweet A Lot

October 17th, 2023

Blaqbonez, a Nigerian rapper and singer, has revealed that he has a fear of women who tweet a lot.

Speaking to Zero Conditions, he said that he filters out the women around him because he wants to stay away from any scandals.

He also said that he doesn’t like women who tweet too much because he thinks they’ll always take their problems out on the world.


He said:

“I don’t really like to talk to people and females that have too many tweets. I don’t speak to them because I feel like you are two seconds away from going to tell the world about my business. You are literally two seconds away from blasting me, not even on the grounds of, ‘You’re trying to ruin me.’ You just tweet everything that goes on in your life.”

He emphasized that while he uses the microblogging service X, formerly known as Twitter, he does not enjoy exposing every opinion he has online, For his own peace of mind and to uphold the integrity of his brand, Blaqbonez continued.

“Me I have lots of tweets but if you go and check I don’t even make a lot of tweets, I retweet things. I’m not always talking. I 100% filter the babes coming my way, I’m upstanding about my peace I really care about my brand and peace. I don’t want to be with anyone who will soil it,” the rapper added.

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