Biography: Ekainu Akoundu Melchizedek, AKA “Melky”

October 10th, 2023
Melky – Dey for Me

Born on September 5th, 2000, in Kubwa, Abuja, Nigeria, Ekainu Akoundu Melchizedek, known to the world as “Melky,” is a talented and promising young artist with a passion for music that has been burning since childhood. Hailing from the vibrant Idoma culture of Benue, Otupko, Melky‘s journey into the world of music is one defined by dedication, creativity, and a fusion of diverse musical influences.

Embarking On My Journey Into Music:

Melky‘s early years were spent in the heart of Nigeria’s capital city, where he attended the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Primary School and later Baptist High School in Abuja. It was during these formative years that his musical journey began to take shape. At the tender age of 7, he discovered his love for music and embarked on a path that would lead him to become an Afro-fusion sensation.

His initial foray into the musical world saw him mastering the art of drumming, a skill that would later complement his singing abilities. His singing journey began in the church choir, where he honed his vocal talents and developed a deep connection with music.

Melky’s commitment to music only intensified as he grew older. He started writing his own songs, showcasing his lyrical prowess and creative flair. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that he took the leap into music production, a pivotal moment in his career that allowed him to have greater control over his sound and artistic vision.

As an Afro-fusion artist, Melky blends elements of R&B, dancehall, pop, and Afrobeats to create a distinctive and captivating musical style. His music reflects the rich tapestry of his Nigerian heritage while embracing global influences, resulting in a sound that is both infectious and innovative.

Musical Debut: My Journey Into The World Of Music:

In 2020, Melky made his debut on the stage, performing at a school party. It was during this electrifying performance that he captured the hearts of his audience with a rendition of “Dey for Me.” This standout moment marked the beginning of his ascent in the music industry, as he garnered the attention of fans and industry insiders alike.

Despite being a single student at the University of Abuja, Melky’s dedication to his craft knows no bounds. With a compelling mix of talent, ambition, and a passion for creating music that resonates with people, Ekainu Akoundu Melchizedek, “Melky,” is undoubtedly an artist on the rise, poised to make a significant impact in the world of music. Keep an eye on this young sensation as he continues to serenade audiences with his Afro-fusion melodies and captivating performances.


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