Akpororo Sets The Record Straight: ‘There Is No Money In Nollywood’ – Clarifying VeryDarkMan’s Statement

October 22nd, 2023

Akpororo, a popular comedian, has offered a response to VeryDarkMan’s video in which he criticized the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood.

In reaction to Mr Ibu’s video, VeryDarkMan has been vocal in his criticism of Nollywood, particularly for its lack of structure and perceived lack of support for its members.

Akpororo, in his response, advised VeryDarkMan to redirect his frustration away from Nollywood, as he believes there isn’t much money in that industry. He also pointed out that female actors often buy houses and cars quickly after appearing in just one film, which creates a false perception of wealth in the industry.

Akpororo emphasized the lack of structure in Nollywood and called out the Enugu state governor, where Mr Ibu is from, suggesting that the governor should have seen the video and provided assistance.

Watch the video below: